Parking Guidance System

No more circling around the parking lot trying to find a vacant parking spot. With our intelligent parking guidance system, people can avoid the hassle. We employ plenty of sensors around the parking area to accurately spot vacant spots. The sensor used can be ultrasonic or camera-based, Wireless outdoor with LED displays depending on the integrated system of the property.

The efficient parking guidance system ensures that the slots can be monitored based on the zones or floors from the master controller. 

The master controller, which includes management software, uses data from ultrasonic sensors to determine the total number of parking spaces and then displays the available parking number on an LED display, guiding cars to the nearest open parking spot.


Our car parking guidance system is designed to monitor and provide real-time information about the occupancy of parking spaces. The system is entirely complying to inform the drivers about dynamically changing information of the parking spaces. It comes with a wireless display, LED lights, a signboard, and ultrasonic sensors that work in harmony to provide effective results. With the data on the display board, vehicle owners are subjected to go directly to the vacant spaces closest to their current positions.

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