Traffic Monitoring Camera System

Our cities are getting more advanced by the hour, new technology makes our lives easier and more convenient. But this also calls for an effective and smart system to control traffic flow in our smart cities.

That’s where the Traffic Monitoring Camera System (TMCS) plays a significant role. A technology based automated traffic monitoring system, TMCS is used to monitor and effectively manage the traffic flow in the city. It processes and consolidates the traffic control & surveillance data to optimize traffic flow and reduce congestion by enabling efficient operation and control of the transportation network.

Features of Traffic Management Control System:

  • Traffic Monitoring: By using a network of sensors, cameras, etc. TMCS collects data by monitoring traffic in real-time, which then is used to provide the latest updates on traffic flow, congestion, incidents, etc. It can also control traffic signals to reduce congestion in high-traffic situations.
  • Control center: TMCS also has a chief control center, typically equipped with systems, tools, traffic maps, video feeds, etc. It is used by the operators to monitor traffic conditions, manage traffic flow and control traffic signals and road signs.
  • Managing incidents: Since TMCS collects data & monitors traffic in real-time, it can detect road accidents, breakdowns or any other incidents and provide the information to traffic controllers so that they can take necessary action to handle the situation.
  • Circulating information: This system has multiple sub-systems which help in circulating information to the drivers and pedestrians through Variable Message Signs, websites, mobile apps, Variable Speed Limit Signage, etc. This real-time information helps them take different routes in case of congestion or any incident.
  • Seamless integration: Traffic Management Control System can be easily integrated with other traffic & transport management systems such as parking management, and public transportation to ensure a smooth and safe driving experience for civilians.