Boom Barrier

Automatic boom barriers are practical solutions that are cost-effective as well as highly efficient in traffic management. They are designed to work throughout the day and night without any hindrance or hurdles.

We provide a broad spectrum of Automatic Boom Barriers for providing security at the entry and departure points of official spaces, toll tax regions, and other locations.

Boom barriers can be linked to any Surveillance System, Access Control System, or Traffic Monitoring System to ensure maximum security Besides, they require very little maintenance which automatically reduces the downtime for the machine. Paired with 24V AC drive units, these boom barriers are electro-mechanical devices that function without heating up and causing unnecessary delays.

Features and benefits :

  • The main benefit of our Automatic Boom Barriers is that vehicles need not wait for manual interaction with the manned station. Rather, the barrier will let the vehicle pass once the identification matches with the records from previously entered data while entering the premises. They are usually installed at parking facilities, drawbridges, level crossings, and entrances to restricted facilities. The gate used for entering and exiting the premise is being regulated using barriers that operate in resonance with the parking management system.
  • Modern Boom barriers are installed according to the usage and type of vehicles that pass through them. For instance, two-wheelers are regulated using short boom barriers that have a reaction time of just 0.6 seconds. The length of the barriers will differ for larger vehicles and so will the reaction time. Longer barriers are used to regulate the traffic for vans, cars, and other vehicles. The reaction time will also increase with the length of the barrier. The time frames for the barrier include 1 second, 3 seconds, and 6 seconds.

Boom Barrier’s demand is for residential parking spaces and their professional management is increasing continuously. This is due to the fact that already more than half of the world’s population now lives in cities. That´s a good reason to give city residents secure and easy access to their parking spaces, which they use daily.

Create space for the relaxed arrival of your tenants and apartment owners. They can conveniently park at home using a hands-free access media day-by-day. Residents can enjoy pure, keyless comfort.