VASD System

The speed display shall display the speed of the vehicle along with the vehicle number in real-time and provide textual or graphical warning to the vehicles exceeding the pre-set speed limit. The speed and number shall be displayed in green color if the speed is within the permissible limit for the vehicle class, orange color if the speed is matching the speed limit, and red if the vehicle is over-speeding.

The desired information captured by VSDS system shall be displayed on the Vehicle Actuated Speed display which is installed 200 Mtr ahead towards the vehicle flow direction.

The display (speed) shall blink continuously if the speed of vehicle is more than 120% of the permissible speed limit, along with the message “Over Speed – Slow down” in the first row of the display.

One speed display shall be installed for each lane on both the sides of the road. Time shall be displayed at the top section of the display in HH:MM:SS (24 hour) format at all the times, even if no speed is being displayed on the VASD.