VSDS System

ANPR camera-based solution for vehicle speed detection and enforcement, and radar sensor-based speed detection system for speed display on LED panel. The ANPR system should correctly link the vehicle number plate with the vehicle speed.

The ANPR system will be capable of detecting both spot speeding as well as section based over speeding.

The  ANPR  camera will  be mounted permanently to monitor a  single lane  of  a highway. Multiple ANPR cameras will be placed on an overhead gantry to get the complete picture of traffic flow for each lane including hard & earthen shoulders in the location.

The  ATMS  Software  will  be  capable  of  generating  e-challan  automatically    and integrated  with  the  Vahan database,  NIC  ITMS,  and  NPCI  FASTag  mapper for obtaining the vehicle registration and contact details for e-challan and cross-verification of the vehicle class. AMTS software will integrate with the Vahan Database, NIC ITMS, and NPCI FASTag.