Swing Barrier Gates

From corporate buildings to airports and other high-security places, swing barrier gates are becoming more and more commonplace. Swing barrier gates provide a number of benefits, along with the fact that they are highly visible and are simple to adapt to meet the unique requirements of any institution. Swing barrier gates also provide a high level of security because they may be customized with a number of functions, including palm scanners, card readers, and other features.

How it works :
Swing barriers are operated once the ACS Control card is read by the Access Control System (ACS) and authenticated to pass through the user by swinging the barrier open. There are standard editions and heavy-duty ones too.

Types of Barriers:

P-type Swing Barriers

  • P-type Swing Barriers – The P-type swing barriers are bidirectional and can easily be used by people in wheelchairs can also be installed by us. The P-type swing gate is specifically built for the disabled, big package access, persons with carts, trolley entry, and other similar applications. It is a fully motorized bi-directional gate with a smooth and noiseless drive mechanism and all the safety elements to assure the user’s comfort. The P-type barrier swings in both directions by 90 degrees.
  • Full-height Turnstiles – Full-height turnstiles are turnstiles that go from floor to ceiling and include spinning barriers. This turnstile, like a rotating door, permits entrance to one person at a time by locking once a single person enters the system. It is impossible for an unauthorized person to enter, crawl under, or climb over these full-height turnstiles and they guarantee comprehensive security for the premises.
    Using the software, the admin team can easily manage the use of the designated access cards for added security.