FASTag Based Parking Solution

FASTag reader solution is of the fastest growing technology, it is basically used for electronic fare collection in which every vehicle is equipped with a tag. The Tag has its personalized signal, and signals are recognized as vehicle passed through a FASTag reader and relayed to a software, which calculates the charges according to time and added to vehicle’s bill.

The method behind determining the identity is Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI). Tags are fixed on each vehicle, those were read optically at parking premises or on highway toll plazas. However, optical systems were found to have poor readability, especially during bad weather and in case of muddy vehicles.

Current AVI mostly relies on RFID, where an antenna at gates communicates with a tag pasted on vehicle. FASTag device which comes under the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) program, is designed to deploy RFID technology to make toll as well as parking system payments directly while the vehicle is in speed. Our FASTag parking system will help to reduce the waiting time at parking facilities. Fastag reader system accommodating the increasing traffic without additional lanes and reducing congestion around parking area.

Our Fastag reader-based system will help to save fuel for the future and to provide customers the flexibility of paying their parking, toll bills with FASTag.