AVCC System

AVC is a key element for the assessment of the correct toll fee at toll plazas and ensures accurate vehicle detection and classification, offering outstanding performance. PNS AVC is based on infrared sensor technology for low-maintenance classification.

Additionally AVC provides vehicle tracking information for the toll lane controller. Via a dedicated Ethernet interface PNS AVC reports vehicle transactions directly to central systems, authorities and toll plaza supervisors. This enables monitoring and controlling of correct toll payments to multiple points on different hierarchies.

ParknSecure AVC is flexible in design and supports changing classification schemes. The classification is based on axles, the distance between axles, single and double wheels, and multiple vehicle heights. PNS AVC is comprised of a controller unit, sensors and high-class software. A specific interface to the toll lane controller enables the exchange of vehicle-related transactions and passage data which is the base of consistent and verifiable transactions.