Video Incident Detection System

With the increasing traffic on roads, managing traffic and incidents most effectively is the need of the hour. What makes roads safe for civilians is preventing the occurrence of incidents and effectively identifying any incidents, if they might occur.

The Video Incident Detection System consists of a network of cameras that are designed to automatically detect incidents like traffic violations, wrong ways of driving, fallen objects and accidents, etc. and ensure an appropriate emergency response.

Features of Video Incident Detection System:

  • Network of cameras: It captures live video footage of the traffic by using cameras placed along the road. These cameras can be fixed, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ), or thermal.
  • Incident detection: Using the camera the VIDS precisely detects various incidents like stopped vehicles, wrong way, zone occupancy, traffic congestion etc.
  • Real-time monitoring: VIDS provides real-time monitoring of traffic conditions, which helps traffic management centers to identify accidents as they occur and take immediate actions to manage the traffic.
  • Prompt damage control measures: Once the incidents are detected it can send alerts to the traffic management center which in turn can take appropriate steps by dispatching emergency services, redirecting traffic and changing traffic signals.
  • Data collection & storage: VIDS provides highly reliable data acquisition which can be utilized to analyze traffic patterns, identify recurring incidents, and make informed decisions about traffic management.
  • Easy integration & maintenance: The VIDS can be integrated very easily, makes tracking events very easy and are maintenance-free with low power consumption.

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