Flap Barrier Gates

Ensuring the security of a place and managing the crowd at the entrance of businesses is a very challenging task. One of the most reliable solutions for this can be installing a flap barrier. It does a good job in areas with high pedestrian flow. Also, it is designed for controlling and securing access to an area. Flap Barriers are also known as Speed gates. They are aesthetic, waist height pedestrian barriers made up of toughened glass or acrylic wings. Their common uses are lane/queue management, badge management, visitor management and restricting unauthorized individuals. They can also be integrated with Biometric , fingerprint or RFID systems to become a fool-proof time attendance & Access control solution. By recording authorized IN/OUT transactions and restricting unauthorized entries, flap barriers offer an ultimate security system.

Advantages Of Flap Barrier
  • If we talk about the operative factor, then flap barriers are very stable and the entire process is carried out very smoothly. There are no mechanical wear and no noise and it feels good to use such equipment.
  • The opening and closing of the wings is very fast and timed, thus allowing the person to easily check in and check out. This makes foot traffic smoother and accessing the space efficient.
  • With a quiet design, flap barrier embodies the humanized design concept. These even depict the progress made by the continuous advancements in the field of science and technology.
  • Flap barriers are capable of working in complex environments, like strong light exposure, short circuit, rain, typhoon, etc. This is also one of the reasons why flap gates are being used for security purposes at various places.
  • As the flap barriers are synced with the access control system, breaching security isn’t possible with them. Entry of unauthorized personnel is restricted.
  • For any place that experiences a huge flow of people can definitely make good use of the flap barriers. The inflow and outflow of traffic would be controlled in a better manner.