Automatic Number PR System

The versatile Automatic Number Plate Recognition system (ANPR) we offer can help to solve the age-old problem of unnecessary traffic congestion at the toll gates, shopping malls, and residentials during vehicle entry and exit. Based on the convenience of the location, the ANPR system can either be Top mounted or Pole mounted. The most common type of ANPR system installed is the top-mounted option as it is comparatively easier to set up and maintain.

How it works:

  • The advanced system is so designed to read the number plate and capture the details in text format.
  • It can take the photograph of the driver as well, using our strategically placed Driver Image Capturing Camera (DIC). The DIC is able to capture high-quality images from several angles even in low light and other unfavorable conditions. The image thus captured is stored in the cloud storage for future reference and analysis. This can be used in the future recognition and apprehension of repeat offenders and/or for official investigations.
  • Once the vehicle comes within the reading distance of the RFID, the number plate of the car along with the image of the driver is captured and recognized simultaneously. The same is then run through the database records using the advanced search facility in the system. The system can be designed to recognize any preset categories like “Access Card Denied”, “Wanted”, “Stolen”, etc.
  • The facility to add lists is scalable for the future and can be modified according to the user. This can help to strengthen security measures by the authorized person and generate the appropriate response whenever a situation arises ranging from a silent notification to a full-on blazing alarm sound(distress alarm system). The same can be notified to the concerned authorities as well as send messages on multiple mediums like emails, SMS, chats, etc informing the same.

Features & Benefits :

  • Our ANPR system is really a boon in that it is a modern solution to age-old problems. It facilitates quick and efficient capturing of videos, snapshots, and surrounding audio that gets stored in the database for future reference and post-incident investigations and analysis.
  • The fact that all the necessary data gets captured really helps out in creating the Management Information System (MIS) reports. These are high-level reports that allow for faster decision-making by gauging the performance of the organization which is reviewed by the top management.
  • The reports can be generated in the preferred format like Pdf, Excel, CSV, etc. It can then be filtered to retrieve the necessary information.
  • One of the best parts of using our ANPR system is that it can be used either in integration with the Under Vehicle Scanning System(UVSS) or as a standalone unit which makes it easy for installing the same at each and every industry.

Benefits of ANPR System

  • Establishing a ticketless and barrier-free parking system.
  • The registration number can be used as ID.
  • Parking offense is easy to detect, generate and issue fines.
  • It strengthens the existing security measures in parking areas.
  • Parking lots can be easy to manage 24×7.
  • Widely helpful for future planning through the generation of live occupancy