License Plate Recognition (LPR), Automatic Number Plate Recognition system (ANPR,) or Car Plate Recognition (CPR) is nothing but different names for one perfect security solution. It includes a camera and a software called Optical Character Recognition (OCR). These capture the image of the number plate along with the person who is driving.

It captures the image of vehicles within its range, locates the number plate in the image, and converts its value to the text. This system uses both visible spectrum and Infrared cameras but out of two Infrared befits for the perfect images_new under variable conditions. Finally, the obtained number can be compared with the database to authorize the vehicle. In case, the authorization process is invalid, it will generate alerts.

Number plate recognition system technology is gaining popularity in parking lots, toll stations, and motor highways as it provides parking as well as security. Most of organizations are adopting this system for better security in their parking area. Its demand is rising day by day in the market because of the added benefits that it brings.

How LPR System Works?

The operation of the vehicle number plate recognition System can be divided into three main steps: Detection, Recognition, and Processing. Let’s have a look at them.

It captures images_new of the number plate and driver of the vehicle through an infrared camera.
OCR software extracts the number of vehicles in text from captured images_new.
Checks the number against the database and allows the vehicle to access the parking premises.
If they are registered they’re allowed otherwise alert will be generated.

Benefits of ANPR System

  • Establishing a ticketless and barrier-free parking system.
  • The registration number can be used as ID.
  • Parking offense is easy to detect, generate and issue fines.
  • It strengthens the existing security measures in parking areas.
  • Parking lots can be easy to manage 24×7.
  • Widely helpful for future planning through the generation of live occupancy