Tripod Turnstile Gates

For the entrances of areas like passenger terminals, railway platforms, stadiums, etc. a tripod turnstile is crucial thing. It allows you to manage the crowd during rush hours and even restrict the entries effectively.

A Tripod Turnstile, also coined as turnstile or baffle gate, is such kind of gate which allows a single person to pass through at a time. Its benefits can be best shown to impose one-way traffic and to restrict the passage of people only who is using coin, ticket, pass or other such artifacts. This barrier is a good solution where there is requirement to control huge pedestrian traffic. Sourced with drop arm feature it allows free lane space for exit in case of emergencies/power failure with the arm dropping from its horizontal position. Turnstiles are often used for monitoring and counting the number of people passing through a gate. This helps security by restricting unwanted objects and potential trouble from entering the premises.

PARKnSECURE provides Tripod Turnstile gates in both automatic and manual versions to suit the client requirements. Our tripod turnstile are designed for pedestrian entrance control . The gates are opened for authorised personnel only and only one person can go through a time.

Types Of Tripod Turnstile

Half height/Waist Height Turnstile
Full Height/Iron Maiden/RotogateTurnstile
Optical Turnstile
Drop Arm Turnstile
Swing Turnstile

Key Features

  • It can be integrated with other Access Control Systems easily.
  • Embraced with extensive research and development in order to offer optimum end usage.
  • Ergonomic designs and smooth surface (no visual exposure of screws or fasteners).
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Tripod arms drop and unlock for emergency or power failure.
  • Supports Anti-tailgating.
  • Visual indicator for access granted or denied.