Turnstile Gates

Access Control made easy with Tripod turnstile gate

Traffic flow management can be a challenge with the increasing number of people. With the help of technology, a streamlined system can be created to help keep things in order.

A tripod turnstile, consisting of three rotating arms or bars that are mounted on a central pole and allow one person to pass at a time, is one such system. Commonly used to control access to a specific area, the turnstile gate is used in locations such as stadiums, amusement parks, office buildings, etc. to monitor and control the flow of people.

Features of the Tripod turnstile gate:

Rotating arms: The primary feature of a tripod turnstile gate is the three rotating arms or bars that are mounted on a central pole and allow one person at a time to pass through.

Durability: Tripod turnstile gates are typically made from durable materials, such as stainless steel or aluminum, to withstand heavy use and harsh weather conditions.
Access control and operation: Many tripod turnstile gates are equipped with access control systems, such as card readers or biometric scanners, to prevent unauthorized access. And it can be operated manually or electronically, depending on the specific model.
Safety features: To prevent accidents, many tripod turnstile gates are equipped with safety features, such as sensors that detect obstructions and automatically stop the rotating arms from moving.
Integration: Tripod turnstile gates can be integrated with other security systems, such as CCTV cameras and alarm systems.
Customization: Some manufacturers offer customization options for tripod turnstile gates, such as different colors and finishes.

PARKnSECURE provides Tripod Turnstile gates in both automatic and manual versions to suit client’s requirements. Our tripod turnstile are designed for pedestrian entrance control. The gates are opened for authorized personnel only and only one person can go through a time.

Types Of Tripod Turnstile

  • Half-height/Waist Height Turnstile
  • Full Height/Iron Maiden/RotogateTurnstile
  • Optical Turnstile
  • Drop Arm Turnstile
  • Swing Turnstile