Advanced Traffic Management System

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Over the years, traffic management policies have changed and now they are inclining more toward the safety aspect. Now, authorities want a more systemized way to monitor road traffic.

To enhance the flow of vehicles on the road and to offer complete safety to the people, an intelligent traffic management system is what we need. However, with the continuously developing world and the ever-increasing number of vehicles, the management of road traffic has now become a daunting task. To aid in this, PARKnSECURE is providing a fully-fledged Traffic management system that has the power to fulfill all the related needs.

Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) is designed by combining several applications and management tools like CCTV camera surveillance, video surveillance, and more. It even helps in the traffic efficiency and safety of the transportation system. The ITMS system collects data and information from assorted sources, use that information to identify any potential hazards and provides essential solutions to prevent them.

At PARKnSECURE, the Advanced Traffic Management system (ATMS) and solution are designed to monitor, control, and provide safety through and through highways. We have carefully included a set of the most advanced technologies, such as AI and IOT, to support situational awareness. This even ensures various safety measures by making the driver aware of the obstacles that might come on the road ahead.

Featured Highlights Of Our ATMS:

  • Boosts safety
  • Quick response against any incidents
  • Put limitation on traffic congestion and improve traffic flow
  • Slow down the rate of accidents
  • Improve visibility of incidents

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