Emergency Call Box​

Emergency System – Users can push the emergency call button Placed on the SOS Box to get help from the Control room. Users can push the emergency call button placed on the Emergency box, the call will be initiated to the control room. Thus it is become helpful to Citizens, as one can speak directly with Control room if any emergency occurs.

Let’s understand how flow goes

  1. If any Emergency occurs traveler or citizen who seeking for help will Press a Panic button on Emergency call box.
  1. Call will initiate to Control Room.

The emergency Call box is composed of a stainless steel Box fixed on the supporting pillar – by 4 studs. It is completed by a rear closing case, on the front plate are disposed of the weather-proof and vandal-proof loudspeaker and microphone, together with 1 emergency push button for activating the calls to the different call centers. 

All the electronic circuits are fixed on the rear part of the front plate, a separate case is supplied to locate the power-supply circuits, while the antenna is generally mounted in the pillar. The telephone can receive power through a solar panel and a battery equipped with a specialized battery-charger.