Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Automatic Number Plate Recognition system (ANPR)/License Plate Reader (LPR), Car Plate Recognition (CPR) is nothing but different names to one perfect security solution. It is constrained of camera and software called optical Character recognition (OCR) to capture image of vehicle plate number along with image of the person who is driving the vehicle.

It captures image of vehicles within its range, locate the number plate in image and convert the number plate value to text. Technology is highly compatible with digital images. Both Visible spectrum and Infra-red cameras would be used though out of two Infra-red befits for the perfect images under variable conditions. Finally, obtained number can be compared with the database to authorize the vehicle. In case, authorization process is invalid, it will generate alerts.

This technology is gaining popularity in the parking lots, toll stations and motor highways as it provides parking as well as security. Most of the organizations are adopting this technology for better security in the parking area. Its demand is rising everyday in the market because of the added benefits that it brings.

Our Solutions

PARKnSECURE takes pride in its in-house ANPR Software – Lane3 PRO that provides a tremendous accuracy to system for detecting and reading License Plates. Our solutions provide highest level of accuracy in getting the number plate of any vehicles at lowest operational cost. The highest rate of success is the resultant of combination of ANPR with the cutting-edged video analytics which is responsible to supply the most reliable and accurate data even in high volume traffic conditions. Fetched data is easily integrated with the other applications of parking facilities such as payment verification, access control automation, occupancy level management and ticketless parking management process.

Drivers are getting secure and efficient service whereas the parking owners are getting increased ROI with increased charge enforcement. We pride in our software as they are designed for resiliency, flexibility and scalability. Our integrated design combines hardware, application and infrastructure into a single design that makes it prone to individual hardware failure.

How it works

The operation of ANPR System can be divided into three main steps: Detection, Recognition and Processing. It is important that technology provides a fully adaptable solution that can be seamlessly integrated with any existing workflow.

  • It captures images of number plate and driver of the vehicle through infrared camera.
  • OCR software extracts number of the vehicles in text from captured images.
  • Checks the number against database and allows the vehicle to access the parking premises if they are registered in database otherwise generates alert or asking the permission whether the vehicle should avail the permission for entry or not.
  • Establishing of ticketless and barrier-free parking system.
  • Registration number can be used as ID.
  • Parking offence is easy to detect, generate and issue fines.
  • It strengthens the existing security measures at parking areas.
  • Parking lots can be easy to manage with 24x7 efficiency
  • Widely helpful for enforcement and future planning through generation of the live occupancy report.

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