Rapid Human Tempertaure Detector

Ideal for: Airports, Industries, Ware House, Buildings || Temperature scan of 10 - 12 person at a time

This Thermal camera use front end measurement technology. The temperature cover the image of HD network visible camera, to avoid delay and guarantee real-time. Incorporates auto calibration, built-in reference black-body and high precision temperature sensor.

Key Features
  • Online type human body temperature rapid screening equipment
  • Artificial intelligence algorithm, more accurate
  • Long distance, large area, Accurate and rapid screening
  • Multi-point abnormal temperature alarm, Temperature measurement data can be traced
  • Non-contact rapid screening, Avoid cross infection
  • Intelligent calibration of body surface, Continuous recording, alarm automatic capture
  • Real-time dynamic thermal image, multiple targets measurement
  • Remote non-contact measurement, fast and safe. Smart measurement, in vivo and body surface auto amendment
  • Comb-out temperature drifting and can work seamlessly without environmental interferences
  • Highly Recommended for Airports, Hospitals, Schools, Enterprise , Crowded Place etc
Screening Process
Rapid Human Tempertaure DetectorHuman Tempertaure Detector
Product Video

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