Best Sanitization Tunnel For Complete Disinfection

Key Features
  • Personal Sanitization disinfectant fogging
  • Walkthrough Aluminum tunnel
  • PVC Curtain
  • 10-15 sec per person
  • Noncorrosive wall and Roof
Product Image
Human Body Temperature Detection Solutions
  • Type: Walkthrough Aluminum tunnel
  • Dehumidifiers: Dehumidifier and pump
  • Body Type: PVC Curtain
  • Construction: Noncorrosive wall and Roof.
  • Sanitization Time: 10-15 sec per person
  • Tank Capacity: 200 litter
  • Consumption: 4-5 L per hour of disinfectant consumption
  • Application: Ideal for large gathering
  • Mini Chamber: Mini walk in Tunnel (3.3'x3.3'x8') size with disinfectant fogging also available

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