Hand Held Metal Detector (HHMD)

Handheld metal detectors: Providing portable protection

Enhancing security and safety at every step of the way can be a daunting task; special types of equipment are required to help civilians stay safe. Such as Handheld metal detectors, they help prevent harm to individuals and damage to property, making them a critical component of modern security measures.

It is a portable device that is used to detect metal objects. It consists of a sensor coil and an oscillator that generates an electromagnetic field. When the coil is brought near a metal object, it causes a disturbance in the electromagnetic field, which is detected by the sensor and results in an audible or visual alert.

Features of Handheld metal detectors:

  • Sensitivity control: Handheld metal detectors have sensitivity settings that allow the user to adjust the detection level to match the specific application.
  • Audio and visual alerts: Most handheld metal detectors provide an audio and/or visual alert when a metal object is detected
  • Ergonomic design: Many handheld metal detectors are designed to be lightweight and ergonomically shaped for comfortable use over an extended period.
  • Battery-powered: Handheld metal detectors are often battery-powered, making them portable and easy to use in remote or outdoor locations.
  • Durability: Handheld metal detectors are built to withstand regular use in demanding environments, with features such as rugged casings and waterproof designs.
  • Multiple detection modes: Some handheld metal detectors have multiple detection modes that can detect different types of metals or filter out unwanted signals.
  • Auto-tuning: Handheld metal detectors also have an auto-tuning feature that automatically adjusts the detection frequency to match the environment.