Walk Through fever Detection

Ideal for: Schools, Offices, Buildings, Airports || Option: With Camera/Without Camera

Door Frame

For people going through the detector, their temperature is checked once their faces are recognized. The temperature precision is ±0.3°C with a black body and ±0.5°C without a black body. Measurement range of the system is from 0.5m to 2.5m. The device is suitable for people whose height is in a range of 1.45m to 1.90m. A threshold can be set. Therefore, if people with temperatures higher than the threshold, the alarm system is triggered and gives out sound and light signals.

Key Features
  • Fast Automated Temperature Measurement
  • Contactless Measurement And Safe Operation
  • Accurate And Reliable Temperature Measurement
  • Thermal And Visible Light Imaging
  • Smart Functionality
  • Measured results are displayed immediately.
  • The numbers of people with normal and abnormal temperatures can be viewed.
  • Components are modularized to facilitate transportation and maintenance.
With Camera
Without Camera

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