CCTV Cameras

CCTV Cameras

CCTV Cameras

If we talk about one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your office or home secure, then CCTV Camera comes first in our mind. With a CCTV security system, one can protect the assets at a very affordable price.

There’s no doubt that the wireless CCTV cameras are the need of today considering that they help you with video surveillance of your property. They even transmit video feeds to a set of monitors where they can be monitored. Functionality is quite different from the television broadcast as the signal is not openly channelled. But it supports point to multipoint (P2MP), point to point (P2P) as well as mesh wireless links. You can receive video feeds from all cameras. Generally, a CCTV camera system is used in places such as Office premises, Banks, Airports, and Other Places with high security.

Our solution

Our CCTV surveillance systems are based on advanced digital technology that uses digital video recording for long periods of time. The best part is that our solution is available in a variety of quality and performance options. Extra features like email alerts & motion detection are also there. We have CCTV cameras that can be customized with your IP, and are equipped with megapixel sensors and HD cameras. These video feeds can be recorded on your network storage or on a standalone storage device. Our products are designed to meet the industry standards for safety and security. Cameras can be either, HD video recorder, IP cameras, digital stills cameras, and others.

Key Features:
  • Smart, intuitive and easy to use.
  • Cutting-edge technology at competitive rate.
  • Available in versatile range including small, mid-sized and large sized set-ups.
  • High quality image capturing cameras with day- night capturing capabilities.
  • Remote management from anywhere and at any time.
  • Weather proof solution.
  • Optional internet protocol connectivity and wireless fidelity.
  • High definition Video.
Types of Cameras:
  • High-Definition.
  • Weather resistant cameras.
  • Infrared/Night Vision Camera.
  • Network/IP Camera.
  • Wireless Camera.
  • Bullet camera.
  • Dome Camera.
  • C-Mount Camera.
  • Day/Night Camera.
  • Pan, tilt, zoom cameras (PZT).
  • Color or black and White Camera.
  • TVI Camera.
  • Motion Detector Cameras.
  • Wide Angle lens camera.
  • Solar Power Security Camera.
  • Wired Cameras.
  • Analog Cameras.

Why Choose Us?

We are professionals in installing and maintaining the high-quality surveillance camera systems. You can completely rely on our CCTV security system for protecting you and your assets.

Prevent Break-ins

You can monitor who all are entering or exiting your house at what time and be prepared.

Easy to use

The interface is very simple and anyone can learn it in a few minutes.

Experienced technicians

Our experts are well versed with the CCTV camera technology & would help with all your issues.