What is Parking Management System?

Different companies around the world define a Parking Management System (PMS) in different ways, as no two PMS have the same features. Thus, for a layman, it can be difficult sometimes to figure out what a PMS means.
You must know that managing a parking space isn’t as easy as it seems and there are lots of moving parts involved. This is the reason why the parking managers generally prefer using a Parking Management System to work more effectively and efficiently. Parking Management is more complex than we can imagine; it’s a complete task and this creates a need for a fully-fledged Parking Management System (PMS).

Who all are in real need of Parking Management System?

A PMS can indulge various factors according to the need and situation of the user. For example, a PMS might be required for a shopping complex or office building, where a parking facility is charged or it might have to be installed in a personal parking space of a colony where parking is free for the residents. A PMS can also be required for handling relevant situations especially when the user is unable to look after such details. Offices and shopping complexes are the immediate users of a PMS and even for residential buildings, it is a must-have.

The basic benefit of having PMS is that it helps in readjusting the imbalance between parking supply and demand. There are other advantages too as given below:

  • It’s easier to manage parking spaces with a PMS; the volume of traffic and related environmental nuisances can be reduced effectively.
  • The parking uncertainties are eliminated and so as the stress related to it.
  • With parking, management comes a modal shift towards more sustainable modes of transport.
  • Mobility cost for users is also reduced.

When you should optimize your Parking Management System ?

When there is a high demand for parking space, it is advised to install a PMS. If you run a business and parking spaces is not equivalent to the number of people visiting, it is ingenious to utilize a PMS that can allow the authorities to make maximum use of the available space.
Also, when you are not utilizing your parking space, you should think about optimizing it. This way more space will be available to the external users and additional revenue can be generated.

How to find out if your parking space is optimized or not?

If you are not encountering the following issues, then your parking space is effectively optimized:

  • There are people from outside occupying or even vandalizing your parking space.
  • The employees are complaining about not finding a parking space for their vehicles.
  • Your employees are coming late because they need to search a lot for a parking space.

How can you optimize your parking space?

There are various ways to optimize parking spaces and to make them more secure, beautiful and filled. The most suitable is having a PMS installed as it offers various benefits, like:

  • You can customize everything from access rights to general policies, including assigning parking spaces to the employees. The rules that you make will define if the employees are satisfied with the parking facility.
  • Parking Management System also comes with a feature to generate reports and perform analysis if the parking space is being used as per its maximum capacity or not
  • With an automated parking system, it is even easier to track the entries and exits and forecast the usage.
  • When you have a PMS in place, you can assure that the occupancy rate is increasing and you are receiving more revenue than you have expected.
  • You can even help those who are looking for an additional parking space for their office. Helping the needy is always a good deed. Plus, you get to earn some more money.

What are the components of a Parking Management System?

There are various components of a PMS as listed below:

  • First comes the software part; software is responsible for tying all the parts of a parking management system.
  • There’s an automated access control system. This is there for offering access control through barrier controls, automatic gates, ticketing system, etc.
  • A PMS comes with full proof of security through RFID based entry and exits. There is an Under Vehicle Surveillance System and License Plate Recognition (LPR) System that captures all the details of a vehicle entering or exiting.
  • There’s an Automated Fee System that offers easy configuration of Parking Management Software to calculate fee as per the duration or exclude payment if the vehicle has a pass. Customers are assigned as pre-paid or post-paid.
  • With statistical reporting software, hourly/weekly/monthly/yearly reports are generated. Reports are either revenue-based, access card-based, LPR based or comes with an overall summary.
  • Parking management can also include real Time Vehicle Counting which is a non- intrusive vision-based vehicle counting system. It is installed at every level in such a way that the authorities get real-time information about the number of cars present.
  • For displaying information like the number of empty spaces and the number of cars, there is a Real-Time parking Guidance Display.
  • There is an optional feature for storage too. The surveillance data is store in a device and if you require to refer to the data, later on, you can access it easily. The videos keep recording when you have a storage device in place.

At PARKnSECURE, we bring you the Parking Management System that offers a lot more than just parking space supervision. Our Parking Management System not only aids people in finding parking spots quickly but also reduces the irritation that people with vehicle experience while parking. This tremendously enhances the visitor’s experience as the Parking Guidance & management indicates about the free spaces available at a different level and thus, the drivers don’t need to roam around and search. It comes with revenue management, access control system, security system and the required statistical information.

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