What Are The Biggest Headaches of Parking System In India

Nowadays India is confronting the biggest problems in the context of space for parking the vehicle, especially in urban areas. Now, numbers of vehicles are increasing over the number of total heads of the family. It can be easily experienced that parking system in India is awfully failing to meet the current requirements. Problem is increasing at such an extent that almost 40% of the roads are being used for parking in normal working days.

Now, the situation is likely to worsen as there are much more vehicles available in comparison to available space. Cities are filled with people who park their cars anywhere utilizing the available space which could have been used in a better way. Due to lack of navigable space, Indian cities are being considered as one of the worst living options by people. You can also add pollution to the existing issue and imagine how blunder the problem is. Chandigarh being an exception, no other Indian city was planned to accommodate the huge number of cars which the country is facing now. The low significance given to parking by the urban planners has only worsened the situation.

How To Tackle With This Menace

Somehow, it is felt that one who is responsible to plan the cities needs to look for the favorable conditions. It is really very necessary to tackle down with the issues through modified public policy. One of an eminent way is to drop the subsidy facility availed for parking. Also, the charge for the parking should be based on the land value of the area. Moreover, roaming and entrance of cars and heavy vehicles can be strictly prohibited in some of the busiest areas such as major sites of tourist interest, shopping areas, heritage zones and so on.

Well, it is a bitter truth of the parking system in India that people are more intent on getting free service and it causes a great huddle during the establishment of such rules and policies. Anyhow, the policies need to be implemented in order to eliminate the associated problems.

There are several other agendas which can help you to resolve this problem as well such as multilevel car parking

What Is Multi Level Car Parking

There two types of Multi-level car parking i.e., conventional and automated.

Conventional Multi-level car parking

Conventional multi-level car parking system can be implemented anywhere including underground as well as above the ground. In this system, open parking is more likely to use less space over closed areas because implementation of parking above the ground does not require installation of any mechanical ventilation as well as fire protection system.

Automated Multi-level car parking

Automated multilevel car parking is completely automatic and there is no involvement of human beings. This is the basic reason why it is quite difficult to implement this model in Indian ecosystem, that’s why conventional system is the better choice.

Parking System In India Vs Developed Countries

In some developed areas such as Europe, people use to visit any tourist places of interest on their foot or public transport rather than blocking the surrounding areas of that place with their own vehicles. Also, it is quite difficult to have a driving license at such places because it is very expensive plus people have to show that they have enough spaces at home and workplaces to park their vehicle. Next fact is, that public transport is not in good condition in India plus it becomes a status symbol in India. Rich people feel ashamed if they have to travel through public transport.

Accountability has to be the key factor in the case of public services. As publicizing of policies standalone is not sufficient, it is an utmost necessity that policies have to be followed properly by the people. Putting restrictions on the ownership of cars can be considered as a short-term goal but proper planning needs to be done in case of a long run.

Simultaneously, authorities should apprehend that public transport needs to be revolutionized across all over the country. As far as the public transportation cannot be accessed conveniently, people will keep using their own vehicles for every need and problems related to parking system in India will never be solved.

While implementation of strong policies in areas, modern technology should be used for parking lots. ParknSecure will always be one of the best parking solution providers in India that has plenty of devices, technology, and solutions which will meet your expectation and modern requirement in the context of technology. Connect with an expert to get a focused and well-customized solution for your requirement. Meanwhile, you can also see how you can transform the parking experience for an event pleasant and stressful scenario and how smart parking system is helping to make a city smart.

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