How Smart Parking System Helps in Establishing Smart City?

Present-day, smart parking system is gaining popularity across the world and now it has become the world’s fastest-growing smart city solutions. Airports, shopping centers, city garages, universities, residential parking lots and other commercial parking lots have begun realizing the pronounced advantages of automated parking technology. Actually, it is the Internet of Things, ability to connect analyze and automate data gathered from devices that make the smart parking possible.

Smart parking system involves implementation of real-time data, applications and low-cost sensors that helps users to search and find available spaces. The ultimate destination is to automate and tone down the time spent manually searching for the optimal parking lots, space or floor. Some solutions are intended to provide complete solutions and thus embedded with the complete suite of services including parking time notifications, online payments and even car searching functionalities for a significantly large parking lot. A smart parking system and solution provides benefits for both the user and the lot owner. Here are some of its top benefits:


  1. Lessen Traffic: Vehicle increases traffic as they are driving around in search of parking space or lots. A well-managed parking system lets people find the nearest lots or space easily and thus significantly turn down the traffic.
  2. Amended Parking: Users efficiently find the best spot available, saving time, effort and resources. Parking lots can be efficiently filled and space can be utilized at maximum capacity by commercial and corporate entities.
  3. Lower pollution: Survey reveals that almost one million barrels of oil are burned per day by vehicles in search of parking lots and space. So an optimal and well-managed parking system and solution will help in lowering the driving time and thus lower the daily consumption of fuel and diminish the harmful vehicle emission that eventually brings reduced global environmental footprint.
  4. Revolutionized revenue streams: Smart parking technology may bring various kinds of new revenues streams. For instance, parking lot owners can use tiered payment options as per parking space location. Moreover, reward programs can be used to encourage the repeat users into existing models.
  5. Increased safety: The smart parking system provides real-time data to analyze, view and prevent and suspicious activities and parking violations. License Plate Reader (LPR)/Automatic Number Plate Recognition system (ANPR)/Car Plate Recognition (CPR) can derive pertinent footage. Additionally, the decreased congestion helps in reduction of accidents caused by the distraction of searching for parking.
  6. Integrated payments and POS system: Daily users can use account invoicing as well as application payment from their smartphone instead of manual cash payments. This would seem fruitful in encouragement of customer loyalty and valuable user feedback.
  7. Enhanced User Experience: Now it becomes easy for all process including driver’s payment, location search, spot identification, time notification and many more and all of these are designed from the arrival to the destination seamlessly and in less time. The advanced parking system saves a lot on time, as vehicles can move faster with the controlled frequency as well.
  8. Real-time data and reports analysis: Smart parking system and solution can provide real-time data that comprises of correlations and trends of lots and users. These data will be valuable to lot owners as it will help in apprehension as how to make adjustments and enhancements to drivers.
  9. Strengthen Brand Image and services: People are always fascinated with the technology usage and its best implementation. The same is true for business as well, whether it is a retail store, airport, office or any commercial place, customers will surely be impressed with the advanced parking management system.
  10. Lessen Management cost: Advanced parking management system brings diversified advantages and one of them is cost saving. As it reduces the manual activities which eventually prompts low labor cost as well as saves on resource exhaustion and thus it saves manual labor as well as energy.


These 10 highlighted benefits can surely lead to building of a smart and efficiently managed parking space and implementation of smart parking solution could be a great investment for any commercial space. The efficiency of current parking system can be imagined through the fact that there are almost four parking spaces available for one vehicle in the country and still there is a problem associated with finding a parking spot. With the advancement in population, pollution and living standard, it is a vital component to embed a well managed and planned parking system globally that drives convenience.

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Anubhav Goel

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