Best Tips for buying Security Bollards !

Security bollards are very common nowadays and they can act as both visual and physical barriers. One can find them in different sizes, shapes and design. Security barriers for bollards are designed for protecting life and property by helping in creating monitor traffic setting. By knowing the common differences between the various types of wall arts you can find the best post for a site.

You must know that impact protection isn’t the only factor to keep in consideration. Perimeter barriers should avoid any undesirable flutter or bother for any visitors. In comparison to other types of barriers like large concrete blocks or fences, security bollards can strict the access to the vehicles while allowing only the pedestrian flow. Different types of property and building have various common risk factors to consider. Apart from security factor, there is a need to consider the surrounding aesthetics and the access requirements.

Firstly, check out your security needs. Security barriers create psychological and physical brakes to unauthorized entries. While considering the planning for site safety, it is necessary to assess the vulnerabilities and scope of risks involved. In simple words, we can say that it is important to know what actually needs protection, what are the related threats and potential risks, and which areas are the most vulnerable.

Here are a few threats to consider:

  1. Proximity and access to the traffic: You need to consider how close the vehicles get to the sensitive areas. You must consider both onsite roads, public streets and the parking spaces.

2. Speed of the nearby vehicles: It is one of the most crucial factor to consider. With higher speeds come hire vehicle momentum and reduced driver reaction times. This could also increase the damage potential.

3. Frequency of traffic: Do think about where the site is located like if your site is in a greater vehicle activity and high traffic area, then there are higher chances of an accident.

4. Drivers’ behavior: Pay attention to the building if it’s in a zone where where drivers are usually in a rush. Check out of the road is is busy or full of distractions. It is also an important factor, for example a beachfront restaurant will see more traffic during summers and winter Road conditions are a risk on the hillsides.

5. Road and building orientation: Check out the direction and whereabouts of the nearby traffic. If it moves alongside the property or building. Or in case the traffic is flowing directly at a store front entrance. If there is no obstruction on the way, then the vehicles might move continuously in high speed. Roads aren’t the only potential hazard, there are parking orientation two that can be very dangerous.

6. Types of traffic: There are various types of vehicles available like trucks, cars, scooters, bicycles and more. As there is a clear difference between the amount of damage a bike can do in comparison to a truck. A truck has several times the weight of a compact car, it implies that even the damage it causes is much worse.

Types of security bollards to consider

Once you have identified all the vulnerable areas and the potential trades, you can who want to designing perimeter security plan. It must include the Essentials you want to protect in the type of barriers needed.

1. Crash rated bollards: If you are looking action comes under high threat zone zone or you want to use them for high security applications, then crash rated security bollards are a good choice. These bullets are certified after testing at an independent crash test facility under controlled and specific conditions. Crash bollards are K-rated bollards
that can with stand and impact from 15000 lb payload without exceeding set penetration distances.

2. Unrated crash or Security bollards: These are a cost effective that offers a significant impact protection. They are embedded deep into the ground and reinforced with concrete in order to provide a satisfactory level of impact protection. Installed in the locations where aesthetics and design are important. Underrated bollards are meant
for effective security without compromising with the cost or design. Sometimes both the above given bollards are used in conjunction to create a secure perimeter. Crash rated security bollards can be used in the areas where the vehicles can pick up speed and security Bullet can be installed where the vehicle traffic cannot move quickly.


When you are planning a site security it is necessary to assess all the security needs and the available options. One such providers of high-quality security bollards is PARKnSECURE. From simple to impact tested, the entire system offered by PARKnSECURE is composed of automatic hydraulic bollards, retractable bollards, automation and electrical components, centralized control software, electro-mechanical bollards, and control equipment which aim at providing complete security and comfort.

Pallavi Yadav

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