8 Reasons Why Smart Traffic Management is Important ?

When it comes to managing traffic, then it involves various activities such as supervision, direction and control of all the vehicles involved. But this is an old school method now when we talk about traffic management, then ways to do it have become smarter and now it includes much more. A smart traffic management system is capable of managing road traffic in an efficient manner while using equipment like a surveillance camera, a Number plate recognition system and much more. This not only smoothens the flow of the traffic but also helps in dynamically managing the transport network.

Manual traffic management systems that we were using until now are prone to human errors and this is a big concern. Managing traffic is necessary considering the overcrowding and increase in the number of daily commuters. And if the traffic management systems don’t perform the way expected, then the wrong individual might get sued for the rule violation. Long waiting hours is also an expensive deal for the commuters and they all hate traffic.

Such issues can’t be solved manually and a hi-tech solution is definitely required to overcome them. Better flow of traffic brings easy management and that’s what we all want. Now the traffic industry is getting automated and smart traffic management systems are taking over the traditional operational methods. With smart traffic management comes various advantages like ticketing system automation, finding hi-tech solutions to traffic management problems.

Researches are being done on the offerings of smart traffic management systems, but currently, the below-given are the most common ones.

1. Real-Time Traffic Analysis
    The traffic conditions are captured in real-time allowing the supervisors to keep a check on the premises 24 x 7. This      helps in taking any required action if there’s an occurrence of an incident.

  1. No Scope of Human Errors, as There’s Automated E-Bill Payment System
    Bill payment is done through Fastag or online wallet facilities that assure that the amount is deducted and no vehicle can exit without paying the fees. There is no scope for human errors, as automation implies no maintenance of physical registers and online collection of tolls or parking charges.
  1. Congestion-Free Traffic
    You all will agree that manually handling the traffic is a tough task and one or even two supervisors can’t manage the swarm of vehicles that enter a premise. When there’s an smart traffic management system is in place, only one guard can handle everything very easily. Moreover, all the information is recorded automatically in the system, there’s no fear of losing any data.
  1. It’s Easier to Guide Vehicles
    With an smart traffic management system at the intersections and the narrow road, ends helps in providing appropriate traffic guidance and allowing the vehicles to move smoothly.
  1. Optimizing Road Networking Systems
    With dynamic routing technology combined in an automatic traffic management system, it’s easier to optimize the road networking systems via IoT enabled traffic management solution. This allows quick and better communication systems between tolls and authorities.
  1. Smart Signal Lights
    With smart traffic signals and lights it’s easier to reduce the inefficiencies in traffic congestion and pointless wasting of time at the intersections. An intelligent lighting system is there that can manage the long queue of vehicles and helps in clearing the traffic irrespective of any defined timing system.
  1. Centralised Control System
    When you have a centralized traffic control system, you can easily integrate all the components in one place. Be it signals, traffic lights, queue detectors, cameras, boom barriers or more, authorities can access all of them while sitting in a room.
  1. Intelligent Number Plate Recognition System
    The most vital part of managing traffic is to keep track of vehicles and their number plates. In case a particular vehicle is found suspicious or need some action to be taken, then with its respective number plate, it can be traced easily in the database.

With a smart traffic management system comes intelligent insights and solutions for the existing traffic management issues. Technology is evolving and so should we; for your business or residential area a fully-fledged traffic management system is the perfect solution.

PARKnSECURE brings you the smart traffic management system to resolve various traffic problems. To find out more, you can visit https://bit.ly/3ib6Odl.

Pallavi Yadav

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