What is Robotic Parking System?

In this digital era, we are moving towards a smart world that is connected with the internet 24 x 7. Currently, experiments are being done to leverage the latest technologies including smart parking solutions. Continuous researches are being done in the field of hi-tech parking systems and now we can find many countries around the world switching to robotic parking systems.

So, What it’s like to have Robotic Parking?

Will there be robots parking the vehicle? Actually no, it’s going to take a few more years before we see robots acting like a valet taking over our car and parking it. But robotic parking does make the hectic task of finding parking space and parking the vehicle easier and systematic. This concept was developed in the early ’90s and is currently one of the best possible ways to use parking spaces intelligently.

The Automatic parking system is gaining popularity day by day due to its potential to save the time that is wasted in looking for a parking space. It also reduces carbon footprint and facilitates better security for park vehicles.

How do Robotic Parking Systems work?

The only job of the driver is to drive into an automated parking space. The Automatic sensors will be there to point the vehicle in which direction to go and where is the empty parking space available. Also, the sensors help in making sure that the vehicle is not getting scraped or bumped on. In this way, the solution offers quality and safety to vehicle owners.
The next step includes taking the parking card from the laws and that’s it. Your job is done here. Now the robotic parking system will pick up the vehicle and place it on the shelving system. When you need to go back, all you have to do is wait at the exit terminal to get your car. The entire task will not take more than 3 minutes. You have no idea how much easier it gets for your car while using smart technology. It’s like getting work done most and complicated

Why robotic parking is the best thing that happened to us?

The fact is that annoying find a parking space in this crowded world. But now instead of circling different parking levels in the hope find an available parking spot, drivers just have to enter and let the parking system handle the rest. There’s an embedded AI software that controls everything including lifts, sensors, motors, and other mechanical gear responsible for transporting the vehicle to an open space in a multi-story shelving system. Also, when the driver is ready to leave, he/she doesn’t need to roam around the garage trying to remember where the car was parked, as the vehicle is returned to the ground level by the parking system.

Pallavi Yadav

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