Top 6 Benefits of RFID Automatic Parking System !!

You don’t earn customers only when someone enters through the door, but also when they take a turn towards your property. The first and the last thing they encounter is your parking lot and thus it’s essential to pay attention to it. By having an RFID Automatic Parking System in place, the businesses can relish a positive impact on their venue’s
financial, operational, and marketing goals. This happens as the customer experience, security, revenue, and expenditure improve.

There are various other benefits of installing an RFID embedded Automatic Parking System at your place like:

  1. With RFID Parking Tags a Uniform Customer Experience can be Enabled
    You must be knowing that making good first impressions are very essential for a business. The reason is that that they create memories of events or places and especially when you spruce up a place as mundane as a parking place, a customer never forgets. With RFID, businesses can smooth out multiple inefficiencies of venue parking. People who will visit don’t need to slow down while entering or exiting if they have an RFID decal on the window or a parking tag on their rearview mirror. There won’t be any long queues of vehicles at the entry or exit gate and thus no visitor will get stuck and have a bad experience.
    Automated parking eliminates the only common chokepoint or potential source of frustration when someone visits your building. Now you wish if you could do the same for the traffic on the roads.
  1. Security and Safety are Enhanced
    RFID offers effective control to the building authorities and they know 24 x 7 who is entering or exiting the premises. Especially when there’s an event at your place, you can determine if the staffing levels are appropriate or not. When you know how many cars or two wheelers are remaining and help the visitors keeping their vehicle safe, you are once again enhancing the customer experience. Also, in case of any unfortunate events like severe weather or accident with the data retrieved by the RFID parking system can be very helpful. When you know who all have been on your property, you can help insurance or law firms to get more information of any mishap or whether you made sure that nothing went wrong from your side.
  1. RFID Collects More Data and do the Right Things
    One of the most common concern with an advancement in the technology is that ‘how is it going to utilize the data of the customers?’. It is a valid question to ask and a company should always have its answer in the form of ‘to make the customer experience better’. People entering a building that has a parking system embedded with RFID tag, then they know that security and hospitality both are ensured. Organizations can even add sending texts to the vehicles that comes frequently to the place and let them know any update on any event or pre-game activities. Welcoming visitors in this manner not only improves relationships, but also ensures their loyalty towards your brand. Data from RFID also makes you aware about the infrastructure of the facility, for example you might find out that a particular entrance or exit gate is being used a lot more than the others. You can utilize that gate for branding or putting up an advertisement. Basically, such data can be one of reasons behind revamping your parking infrastructure.
  1. Reduction in Overhead or Personnel Costs Related to RFID
    Having a smart parking system effectively reduce the number of staff you require on event days. Also, the drivers having a RFID in their vehicles don’t have to interact with any of the staff members while entering or exiting. In short, we can say that with the wider adaptation of the RFID parking system comes minimal number of parking lot attendants. Thus, your
    expenses are minimized.
  1. New Connections Bringing More ROI
    RFID tags that you will provide to your visitors need not be boring and plain. You can spruce them up by adding a ticket to event or a shopping coupon to them. This way your RFID parking tags will not only be a contactless technical innovation but a physical souvenir for the vehicle owners. Additionally, RFID tags can be changed monthly, so it’s up to you how you are going to play with them.
  1. Remote Access
    Now this must be your favourite if you have multiple offices at different locations. You can manage all of them from a single location. This saves time, money, efforts and all the headache that you put in managing multiple office parking areas.

PARKnSECURE provides a smart RFID Automatic Parking System from the tags, boom barrier to the Automatic Number Plate Recognition system. Visit our online portal to know more about our wide range of products and services.

Pallavi Yadav

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