What is Multi-Lane Free Flow System ?

Open road tolling or Multi-Lane Free Flow System is one of the modern technologies that is making our lives easier when it comes to the collection of tolls. It’s there to help reduce the traffic congestion at the peak hours, preventing air and noise pollution and also to enhance sustainability and business profits. Multi-Lane Free Flow is a combination of video processing, electronic toll collection microwave technology and vehicle classification.

Why manual toll collection needs an update?

Manual Toll Collection is widely used in India and it is one of the primary sources of income for the government too. In this method, when the vehicle arrives at the toll plaza, then the driver needs to provide cash to the toll collector who will add the information to the computer and give a receipt in return. There is a fixed amount for different categories of vehicles. But it comes with the following disadvantages:

  1. It leads to heavy traffic jams with impatient drivers.
  2. A manual toll collection involves a variety of costly raw materials and setting it up is very expensive.
  3. Huge manpower is also required to run a manual toll collection system.
  4. There might be goons who would try to skip the toll without paying and might do a lot of damage to the property.

How Multi-Lane Free Flow system helps in overcoming the issues with manual toll collection?

  1. It offers the modern cashless means of paying for tolls.
  2. As compared to manual toll collection, Multi-Lane Free Flow can decrease the operational and transactional cost by 1/3rd.
  3. The authorities can easily get remote access for better control.
  4. As there are no toll barriers, safety increases and the drivers can move ahead with the same cruising speed.
  5. Reduced operational cost as there’s no need for human operators.
  6. The system can be easily integrated with a 3rd party central traffic monitoring system.
  7. There’s minimum greenhouse gas emission by the vehicles.
  8. Such a tolling system can process more number of vehicles per hour in comparison to manual toll plazas.
  9. The entire tolling process is simplified.
  10. Logistics hassles associated with tags can be avoided.

Sub-Systems Involved in Multi-Lane Free Flow System

  1. Vehicle identification and Classification System: It automatically identifies the type of vehicle so that toll can be charged accordingly.
  2. Electronic Toll Collection System: It includes the roadside system to communicate and to perform transactions with all the equipped vehicles in the toll site.
  3. Video Tolling System: The system utilizes still images of a vehicle number plate and identifies if it is liable to pay the toll or not.

For the constantly changing landscape of parking, Multi-Lane Free Flow System has come up as a perfect solution. It enhances the overall toll booth experience on the highways and allows the vehicles to save time while not compromising with toll collection.
PARKnSECURE brings you advanced Multi-Lane Free Flow that uses a state-of-the-art Automatic Number Plate Recognition system and is versatile enough to work with other technologies. It is suitable for large and small projects and can be easily scaled with volume and expanding operations. It has been designed considering the need to reduce roadside infrastructure, avoid transponder logistics and provide great user convenience. To know more about our modern Multi-Lane Free Flow, you can get in touch with our experts at

Pallavi Yadav

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