How Automatic Boom Barrier are an Effective Tool for Entrance Control?

Access control is the mechanism that is used for controlling, restricting and monitoring the movement of assets, vehicles and people in or out any building. A drop arm Automatic Boom Barrier is commonly used for controlling the unauthorized entries of any personnel while enforcing access control system. It assures that one token one-person policy is followed 24 x 7. The levels of security that a boom barrier offers depends on style and type of products being used. For example, if the Automatic boom barrier is used with a lockable sliding gate, then it is easier to keep a check on each and every person or vehicle entering. You should know that these are not meant to be used as a pedestrian passage, as a boom barrier is a horizontal bar that is positioned on a pivot that moves up and down.

This technology can also be integrated with other systems like visitor management, ANPR, CCTV and more which eventually saves costs and offer better security services. You must know that boom barriers are not a suitable option for combining with escape routes. The best part about Automatic boom barrier is that once you have invested in them, you will never regret it while reaping the benefits for years and years.

One can easily get Automatic Boom Barrier for various locations involving:

1. Commercial buildings

2. Shopping centers

3. Universities

4. Car parking lots

5. Hospitals

6. Residential buildings

7. Industrial sites

8. Hotels

What are the primary benefits of a Automatic boom barrier?

1. Enhanced Security:

Security is one of the most crucial things nowadays for residential and commercial buildings. When there is boom barrier installed, the gatekeeper can ensure that entry is given to the people based on their credentials. If a particular vehicle is blacklisted from entering the premises, then its entry can be easily blocked.

2. Traffic Flow can be Managed:

For controlling the flow of traffic on and off your property boom gates are the best option. If your space has limited parking, then also boom barrier can be a great help to maintain the number of vehicles. When the parking is full, you can prevent any more vehicles from entering the premises.

3. Efficient Use of Space:

With a boom gate, you can make the efficient use of space because installing sliding gates or swinging gates needs larger area. A boom barrier requires a small amount of vertical space in order to swing upwards. The most important thing is to get the boom barrier installed from a service that does the job once and for all.

Pallavi Yadav

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