10 Ways, How To Reduce Traffic Congestion In Urban Areas

It’s India or any other country; people are facing the problems at road whether it’s about road traffic problems or it’s about road safety or finding a space for parking. You can commonly see lines of vehicles on the road especially during peak hours. According to a survey, major cities are losing up to $22 billion annual because of traffic congestion and the burden is falling on the commuters. On average, commuters in urban cities like Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai spend almost 1.5 extra hours in heavy traffic jams on daily basis.

In fact, the issue becomes a major concern for any law enforcement officer as well because it is difficult to hold all laws and regulation for the road on busy traffic; they also have to deal with the stubborn people also.

It’s the time when something must be done for the commuters’ pain. It’s not only for the government bodies, but we all also have to come forward. There are many ways you can put restriction on traffic jams while managing a safe road, it may include new technology implementation, more roads, more transit options and many more.

there are 10 possible solutions to traffic congestion and solutions for the greatest nation’s gridlock:

  1. Ride-sharing and ride-hailing apps

There are some apps such as Uber, Lyft, and Ola through which you can take share rides or you can share your rides with other people traveling in your direction. With carpooling options, it lets 2 to 4 people travel together and thus reduces the number of vehicles and thus Road traffic congestion. Moreover, this also helps in saving money and fuel.

  1. Adaptive traffic signals

Have you ever been stuck in the situation when traffic signal goes red to green to yellow to red but you couldn’t move? Such traffic signals are not the only nuisance but are making the traffic worse and more congestive as well.

Adaptive Traffic Signals would become a boon for such a situation. It actually can sense the approaching cars at the intersection and can adjust their phasing in response. It does not mean that the adaptive signal creates any extra time or capacity, actually, it allocates time more efficiently creating more time or capacity.

  1. Carpooling

Carpooling or sharing your vehicle with others who are traveling in the same direction is a great way to reduce the number of vehicle on the road. In this way, you save your money and fuel as well by sharing the cost with your partners. Odd-even initiative conducted by the government in Delhi NCR was a great step taken by the government in context to stop congestion.

  1. Drones for delivery services

Now, Amazon is on the way to introduce a new and fastest way to deliver their good to consumers. Through this delivery system, Amazon can provide delivery of goods within an hour after submitting the order. Eventually, it will also reduce the number of transits on the road which keeps moving for delivery purpose. Consequently, it reduces the traffic congestion, saves money and fuel, and is environmentally friendly as well. Although it is in the queue it will surely add a lot of benefits along with convenience.

  1. Officer at the road

It has been noticed, especially in India, that people follow the rules with much concern if there were a law enforcement officer around them. It’s a common human psychology that they get over conscious when they see a policeman and at traffic signal, they automatically start following rules and regulations. It’s one of the wise, budget-friendly and most relevant options to apply road safety measures on the road and measures to reduce traffic congestion.

  1. Speed humps and roundabouts

An ideal way to decrease the speed of the vehicles is to create a hump of few inches on their way. Facts also reveal that the vehicles while traveling along the roundabout reduce their speed to almost 15 to 25 miles per hour. Thus both structures can help in reducing the crash rate by slowing down the speed of the vehicles.

  1. Automated speed enforcement cameras

Automated speed enforcement cameras should be installed at the traffic signals, tolls or at the various point of the road. It will detect vehicle moving with high speed and will inform the law enforcement officer so that they can take effective steps to put restriction on their speed. Also, the acknowledgment of installation of speed enforcement cameras alongside road among the commuters will create an invisible pressure on them. They know that camera is watching them and any violation in safety rules will put them into trouble.

  1. Radar speed display

Radar speed display is an effective tool to put the restriction on speed of the vehicles. It will detect the speed of coming vehicle; display its speed along with the maximum limit that the vehicle should attain. It provides a proven method to slow down the drivers’ speed and make them more attentive. It is already proven that slow traffic automatically reduces the chances of fatal accidents involving vehicles and pedestrian. Radar display sign is the most budget-friendly equipment to calm down the traffic on the road. It is web-enabled that enables a law enforcement officer to track the volume of the traffic along with the speed of the vehicles in real time.

  1. ANPR system

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)/License plate recognition (LPR) System has proven itself an intensive asset for traffic management and Safety. It not only provides a way to travel safely for commuters but it also gives a smooth way to strengthen security measures at road as well. It recognizes cars and drivers by capturing number plate as well as who is driving the vehicle even at night and thus, is very helpful to track criminals. It also very helpful in parking management system, with RFID ANPR makes a parking lot safe.

  1. Center Island on road

It is also called as mid-block medians; constructed along the Center Island of the road. Other than to beautify the place, it cuts the width of the road and narrows down the ways and forces the drivers to slow down their vehicles’ speed.

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