Automatic Boom Barrier

Automatic Boom Barrier

Automatic Boom Barrier

Boom barriers have now become a very common thing to find around us, especially at the toll plazas. They are meant for controlling traffic and collecting toll of all the vehicles. These are like a gate which manages the traffic by allowing them to move in lanes.

Being one of the leading automatic boom barrier providers in the country, we are engaged in offering only high quality and satisfactory services. Our boom barrier has designed as per the latest technologies while using advanced techniques with the best quality raw material. The automatic boom barriers provided to the customers are thoroughly tested before installation which ensures durability and a longer lifetime in any condition.

Our Solution

Although Make in India campaign has already marked its presence, there are still some sectors that are not availing the benefits of this initiative. Boom barrier is one of such industry, but with the efforts of our team of experienced professionals now even the boom barrier is being manufactured in India itself. Earlier, we used to get it exported from other countries, like China, France, Germany, etc. Now, we are manufacturing the boom barrier named Bulwark in India only.

Bulwark includes amazing features like a customizable cabinet, AC based motor can be connected with computer via RS232 and is very user-friendly for power off. This boom barrier from PARKnSECURE is also suitable for entry points like toll plazas due to its fast speed, low operation cost and reliability. The best part is that it can be easily accessed through RFID and Bluetooth and allows the user to enjoy the response time of 0.626 seconds. Safety precaution functionality has also been added in the barrier. It even permits the user to relish remote configuration due to the facility of TCP/IP.

Benefits of installing Bulwark:
  • Can be configured/accessed remotely
  • With remote IP configuration, controllers can access the data and other settings while being at any remote location. This offers extra ease and let the user check the data and the regular updates even when he is away.

  • Meets the international standards
  • From LED lights, soft contours to key lock release for manual operation, PARKnSECURE has included all the features as per the international standards. This implies that our clients can completely rely on the quality of our boom barrier.

  • Reduced cost
  • The boom barrier market is huge and various alternatives of a particular product are always available. But, we only buy the one that offers value for our money and we have designed Bulwark considering that only.

Key Features:
  • Cabinet can be customized.
  • Round arm 3 meter
  • AC/DC/Servo based motor is stronger and maintenance-free, with electromagnet brake
  • Reversing on obstacle
  • Support infrared photocell and loop detector for security (optional)
  • Connect with the computer by RS232
  • User-friendly for power off
  • Swing-away flange in the case of a collision with a vehicle, the barrier arm is released and can be manually re-engaged afterwards.
  • Toll barrier from ParknSecure is the proper solution for all toll applications thanks to their fast speed, reliability and low operating costs.
Types of Boom Barrier:
  • Push Button
  • Remote Control
  • RFID Tags / RFID Reader
  • Loop Detectors
  • Any third party access control device
Reasons behind the growing popularity of boom barriers:

The modern buildings and societies, which you can find being constructed nowadays are going for boom barriers. The major reason why this is happening is the immediate need for maintaining safety and security of people and materials. Especially the residential apartments where there are families living, boom barrier is a much needed equipment to ensure that there is no unauthorized vehicle entering. In the olden times, there were security guards keeping a check on the vehicles and people, but they can’t guarantee efficiency 24 x 7. That’s why there’s an inclination towards automatic boom barriers. Also, the boom barrier like ours i.e. Bulwark, customers get to enjoy better safety measures.

Additionally there are various types of automatic boom barriers, so one can easily choose the type according to the need of the space. For businesses involving real estate, creating reliable office spaces or designing. There are various other factors too, which makes boom barriers a reliable option, like:

  • They can work 24 x 7 without being affected by the environment conditions
  • They are vandal free
  • They allow an efficient and much better security check.
  • They only permit one vehicle at a time making it easier to thoroughly check the vehicle.

Why Choose Us?

Our boom barriers are equipped with technologies like RFID and are designed with modern and sleek looks. They are simply the best in class entrance control equipment for the safety of any area.

Operate Smoothly

There’d be no bounce or jerk of boom at the end positions

Manual Operation

In case of power failure, you can operate our boom barriers manually too.

Application In Various Industries

Parking areas, tolls, residential areas, airports, private & govt. assets and more.