Access Control System

Access Control System

Access Control System

Every business has some restricted areas where only the authorized personnel can enter and to control the security of such places, access control system is required. With this security system, one can use biometric scanners, fobs, key-cards, fingerprint and even other mediums to allow or deny access. Be it a parking garage, data storage rooms, server rooms or elevators, access control system can be installed anywhere.

Nowadays, you can find various types of card technologies, like bar code, 125 kHz proximity, magnetic stripe, contactless smart cards and contact smart cards. If we talk about biometric technologies, then these allow the businesses to add the wearables and smartphones to their access control system.

It’s not just the security aspect, but with remote access software it’s easier to keep a check on the people entering and exiting the premises when not in the area.

Our Solutions

PARKnSECURE brings the most sophisticated Access Control System which is very simple to implement in the existing system. The safety and security measures at your workplace are crucial with respect to creating a reliable ambience for employees, partners and visitors. With our high graded Access Control system technology, you can have full control over who is accessing your premises and for how much time. It also helps you to track the movement of employees, visitors and other authorized persons. We understand that the design and installation of the access control system in your business is crucial. Without proper architecture, the system would not work as expected, thus we hire technicians who possess years of experience and can find out exactly what you need. We don’t just work for our clients, but with them in order to exceed their expectations.

For decades, we have provided security solution to various known brands and organizations. Why our customers only trust us is because our services are convenient, secure and has a wide reach due to PAN India. With our access control system, you can not only keep your building safe and secure, but can also utilize the breakthrough technologies.

Types of Access Control System

1. Biometric: It is a time attendance control system that has fingerprint access. It use fingerprint instead of cards to mark the entry or exit.

2. Proximity: It is more confidential access control and widely used in banks, factories, offices, etc.

3. Door: It is a low cost access control that controls the opening and closing of the door. It has an advantage in terms of easy installation and is ready to use.

  • Ensures about security of premises, personnel, assets and data.
  • Highest level of staff control.
  • Limiting the unauthorized access of sensitive areas.
  • Management and regulation of on-site parking areas.
  • Monitoring of number of staffs at any point of time in premises.
  • In case of emergency, easy to initiate effective evacuation process.
  • Easy to monitor the entire security system like who is accessing your premises.
  • Easily integrated with existing system for high level of security system.

Why Choose Us?

Our access control system is designed to be scalable in order to meet all the requirements of your business. Doesn't matter if you want to control access to a single door or an entire building, we can help.

No more lost keys

Losing keys and making new ones aren’t required with an access control system.

No stranger’s entry

Stranger can’t slip in undetected

Increase safety

Access cards can’t be duplicated.