Tripod Turnstile

A tripod turnstile, also coined as turnstile or baffle gate, is such kind of gate which allows a single person to pass through at a time. Its benefits can be best shown to impose one-way traffic and to restrict the passage of people only who is using coin, ticket, pass or other such artifacts. This barrier is a good solution where there is requirement to control huge pedestrian traffic. Sourced with drop arm feature it allows free lane space for exit in case of emergencies/power failure with the arm dropping from its horizontal position. Turnstiles are often used for monitoring and counting the numbers of people passing through a gate. This helps security by restricting unwanted objects and potential trouble from entering the premises.

Tripod Turnstile

We are dedicatedly manufacturing and supplying a wide variety of best quality tripod turnstile that features solenoid locking system and 360 degree movement with built in bi-directional operation. Our turnstiles have superior locking which prevents them from rotating back to original position after it has moved 25 degree from its rest position. They are supported by hydraulic damping which makes the head to come back smoothly to the rest position. Positive action lock prevents entry of more than one person at a time.

PARKnSECURE provides Tripod turnstile gates in both automatic and manual versions to suit the client requirements.

Key Features:

  • It can be integrated with other access control system easily.
  • Embraced with extensive research and development in order to offer optimum end usage.
  • Ergonomic deigns and smooth surface (no visual expose of screw or fasteners).
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Tripod arms drop and unlock for emergency or power failure.
  • Supports Anti-tailgating.
  • Visual indicator for access granted or denied.

Types Of Tripod Turnstile

Half height/Waist Height Turnstile

Half height turnstile is generally used at location which is at major attraction, such as fairs, stadium, railway stations, metros, etc. As it allows users to pass through it after inserting coins or ticket makes its use prominent at such places. As technology evolved, barcode is also used instead ticket or coin which is read by the sensor integrated in gate which accelerates the rate through which user passes through the gate.

Full Height/iron Maiden/RotogateTurnstile

A full height turnstile is almost 7 foot high and works just like a revolving door to prevent anyone from jumping over it. The full height installation appears in further two types Exit only and Exit Turnstile; the former one can be accessed in single direction for exiting only whereas later can be used to control two traffics.

Optical Turnstile

In contrary to conventional turnstile gate, optical Turnstile seems to be very efficient and suitable for those places where any kind of physical barrier system is deemed unnecessary and un-aesthetic. Usually, at a place where infrared beam is used to count people at entry point or used to detect the people who are trying to entry without a valid or concrete ticket or pass, this turnstile is installed.

Drop Arm Turnstile

Actually it is a combination of tripod turnstile gate and barrier embraced with fully optical installation. There could be either single or double arms along the lanes. Arms drop automatically in no time into the recesses fitted in the cabinet when access is granted. The situation when arms are dropped tripod turnstile works like fully functional gate.

Swing Turnstile

It is a swing type P-Gate having elegant design, good aesthetics and sturdy construction. It is motorized gate integrated with intelligent control unit that is highly suitable for handicapped as well as luggage carrying users. 180 degree rotatable gates and emergency batteries ensure efficient operation even in case of power failure.

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