Toll Management System

Toll Management System

Toll Management Systems

The main purpose of a Toll Management System is to recover the amount that was invested to construct repair and maintain the operation by collecting revenues from people who are using the service for reduced time of travel and comfort. Since a large amount of cash is being collected on a daily basis, security becomes a very important factor at such places.

Our Solution

Our solution brings about fool-proof lane engine which is not only powerful but also allied with other sub-systems. The entire system is dedicated to facilitate a system free from any fraudulence and provides a seamless, accurate, steady, identifiable and traceable financial system. Other integrated sub-system works independently well but in control and harmony of lane engine. Data driven control system and video tracking system implemented at the prime center of control will enable you to monitor, control and manage multiple toll plazas.

We are offering high-end Toll Management System and solutions that will be ideal for implementation of Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) either on Multi-Lane or work in Hybrid mode allowing various modes of payment such as RFID tags, Smartcard, cash, app and more. We are designing customized solution especially to deal with the specific needs and issues of Toll road projects in India

  • Fraud detection.
  • Enhance revenue collection system
  • Accelerates the process
  • Boost system uptime
  • Make dashboard management easier
  • Vehicle detection and classification become easy
  • Easy to monitor the entire security system like who is accessing your premises.
  • Boost system uptime
  • Easily integrated with existing system for high level of security system.

Elements of TMS

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