Security Bollards

Security bollards have variable uses and are mainly used as physical as well as visual barrier. While creating a controlled traffic setting, it is providing protection to lives and properties. It is available in different shapes and sizes with different features suitable for different conditions. The whole range of these systems are specially designed to arrange traffic flow in the community, commercial areas, semi-pedestrian areas where traffic is restricted, in parking lots, and in residential areas, by limiting access to only authorized vehicular traffic and ensuring complete security for all time with continuous cycles and are ideal for anti-terrorism, high-level traffic control, commercial building entrances and exit.

Every building has its own specifications and needs in context of bollards. Knowledge of various types of bollards along with purpose of the use and conditions of ambience, you may have loads of choice, as impact protection is not the only factor to be considered. For example, perimeter barriers avoid the unwanted clutters; security bollards restrict vehicle access and allow pedestrian flow.

Security Bollards

From simple to impact tested, the entire systems offered by PARKnSECURE is composed of automatic hydraulic bollards, retractable bollards, automation and electrical components, centralized control software, electro-mechanical bollards, and control equipment which aims at providing complete security and comfort. Our safety and security bollards are highly used for:

  • Separation of vehicle traffic from pedestrian areas.
  • Prevention of unauthorized entry.
  • Simple access control.
  • Storefront protection.
  • Traffic control.
  • Building Security.

All of these applications require the right bollard product to be installed in the right place using the right installation methods, which includes various types of bollards and combination of custom material and design. PARKnSECURE proffers a full line of complementary bollards to meet a wide sort of architectural space or any functional requirement. Our offerings are integrated with desirable features such as vandal-resistant bases, structural integrity, uniform illumination, optional distributions, driver access, ease of installation and maintenance and many more.

Classification Of Bollard

Fixed/Embedded/Permanent bollards

Security bollards which are embedded deeply into the ground (add strength and security), that is possibly made of steel, concrete or wood. Generally steel and concrete bollards are embedded in to surface made up of concrete so it induces high safety and security whereas wooden bollards are simply embedded in to soft surface and cannot reflex high safety.

Surface mounted bollards

Usually this kind of bollards uses anchor system to be mounted in to the surface. Though it is little expensive still cannot provide high level of security, as the anchor can be damaged easily and causes damage and bend to the bollards as well.

Rebounding/Flexible bollards

As the name implies, flexible bollards are flexible in nature and tends to bend when struck by any vehicles. It is made up of rubber or plastic which is stiff but have tendency to bend under the weight of vehicles. After collision with vehicle, it bends by 90 degree towards ground in order to avoid any damage to the vehicle and surrounding surface. It can regain its original position and structure after removal of force exerted by the vehicle. Flexible bollard is not meant to provide physical security from vehicles instead they offer a clear visual guidance to the driver.

Removable/Movable bollards

Removable bollards are brawny in nature and look like permanent bollards but they are removable using a receiver in the ground and allow vehicle to pass whenever needed. These are ideal for providing a visual clue to the drivers but donít provide an appropriate level of impact resistance on vehicles to stop them.

Collapsible/Fold-down bollards

Hinged bollards that provide the perfect solution for accommodating various traffic control requirements. These are permanently anchored to the ground that can be easily folded or lie flat down on the surface of the road anytime. They are implemented in parking lots which wants to restrict the access or in garages so as to protect their vehicles against theft. These are easy to install, inexpensive and adds security to your parking space.

Retractable/Rising Bollards

A retractable bollard that has feature to rise out of ground in order to block traffic and likewise go back into the ground to allow the flow of traffic. It can be installed permanently and it requires regular maintenance. It is serving as an efficient and well managed way to tackle traffic flow and pedestrian.

This kind of bollards can be handled hydraulically, pneumatically, electrically and manually. Well the selection is entirely dependent on the nature of site to be applied. Bollards are made of stainless steel and carbon steel.

Bell bollards

A bell bollard basically deflects the tires of the vehicles. The car wheels go up the slope of the bollard and get deflected. This bollard works effectively against heavy goods vehicles that can harm or destroy street furniture.

Racing bollards

Removable bollards are brawny in nature and look like permanent bollards but they are removable using a receiver in the ground and allow vehicle to pass whenever needed. These are ideal to provide a visual clue to the drivers but donít provide an appropriate level of impact resistance on vehicles to stop them.

Lighted/ Illuminated Bollards

Lighted or illuminated bollards are equipped with lights which add an aesthetic element or safety measure. These can be fixed or retracted, embedded or surface mounted. They are constructed using stainless steel, aluminum and other materials embedded with a light source of variable color and intensity. The lighted bollard is highly useful in directing the drivers from distance in darkness or effectively flashes signals or messages.

High Visibility Bollards

High visibility bollards are put in places where we want to block the visibility from outside. These are generally deployed at places or organizations having sensitive data. They block the vision of drivers from outside. They can be used to regulate traffic, pedestrian walk can be controlled and provide clear line of sight for drivers.

Solar Bollards

Solar bollards are used for outdoor spaces and it has sturdy, impact and weather resistant lighting features. For maintaining illumination, there is no need of electricity, they are self-sustaining. In fact it has LED lights operable through onboard intelligence and high capacity batteries which can efficiently stay on for almost 14 days without direct sunlight. These bollards are not available in collapsible styles yet these are versatile, they can be removable or permanent, they can be integrated with bike locking arms.

Bike Parking Bollards

Bike parking bollards let you secure your bicycles by locking them with their arms. With the availability in various styles as removable, permanent and collapsible, these are serving double duty as it provides bicycle parking along with controlling vehicle access.

Crash-rated or anti-ram Bollards

Crash-rated or anti-ram bollards have proven their efficiency when these are installed at the place where there is a threat of vehicle attack. They are mostly used in and around a government building, shops or any building to avoid ram-raid robbery and other threats. They are tested to stop certain cars in a specified distance.

Decorative Bollards

Use of decorative bollards enhances landscape or architecture. Basically, it acts as visual guide and enhances areas and provides possible lighting and parking.

Where there is less or no vehicle traffic, these bollards can be designed to not to be impact resistant. Although they can be designed with a dense core where required.

Non-crash resistant bollards

Bollard which is not only meant for protective barriers but also works against attack, direct and control traffic, adds an essence to the aesthetic of building or place is termed as Non-crash resistant bollards.

It may turn out to be a cost effective choice for many situations. It can be effectively used to put a restriction on alleys, bike trials, sidewalks in order to prevent vehicle collisions. Moreover, it may also be used as visual barrier, to reflect that the certain building or location is under the guidance of additional security.

With the variety of lighting options, it can be used as decorative bollards where it provides visual barrier and discourages the vehicle ramming as well as minor collisions.

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