Road Blockers

Road Blockers

Road Blockers

Road Blockers also known as Rising Kerbs or Rising Steps are constructed from heavy welded steel section to provide sufficient strength to exceed any axle loads. These are made in such a way to give an impact resistant stoppage for vehicles. These are designed for a highly secured premise such as banks, embassies, bullion depots, cargo parks, ports and lorry parks. Such installations include parking which is prone to vandalism through to sites requiring protection from ram-raiding.

Road Blockers are coined in order to provide a safeguard to the entrance points where there is a possible threat of vehicle attack and where high security is required. For premises requiring protection against vehicle attacks along with high security, hydraulic road blockers are preferred as they give you the unique solution and most security. Even if attack is from high tonnage vehicles with high acceleration, it is not possible to keep on moving for the vehicle due to the damage made on its front, bottom and wheels.

Our Solution
PARKnSECURE offers a wide range of Road Blocking devices, from automatic overlying blocker to anti-ram, along with the ones for integration into the road surface. Our featured hydraulically-driven blockers are fully tested under laboratory conditions and provide higher levels of security with built-in stopping power that have a 100% duty rating. Thus, they are designed for continuous and frequent use.

Vehicle road blockers are one of the primary functional part of the security plan that has been designed to prohibit forced along with unauthorized vehicle access. Our product is becoming one of the trusted entities in preventing the unauthorized access at your facility. It gives you additional security along with visible blockage and can be integrated with a number of applications.

We are including Road Blockers that are brawny, reliable and relentlessly providing the ideal solution that can effectively prevent the unauthorized vehicle to enter in manned as well as unmanned vehicle parking areas. We provide excellent protection against most determined intruders. A wide range of products which can be utilized along road side, hotels, car parks, hospitals, factories, warehouse, office buildings and many more.

Each of the Road Blocker is tested against highest possible standards before deploying in any premises. Each road blocker is Customized designed according to premises against intruding vehicles.

Key Features:
  • Hydraulic mechanism is responsible for smooth and noise free operation.
  • Lock down features through emergency buttons.
  • Back indication system.
  • Traffic lights system.
  • In case of power failure, system can be operated manually.
  • Robust construction to withstand impacts of heavy vehicles as well.
  • Proper signage system for stop/No Entry warning.
  • Warning lights for blocking segments.
  • Speedy and durable system because of hydraulic pressure.
  • Backup in case of power failure by accumulator systems.
  • Signal LEDs during the movement of blockers.
  • High impact resistance against all vehicles.

Why Choose Us?

We are the hub of high-quality service module based out of latest technology available in the niche. With our extensive product knowledge, we setup a high graded solution to satiate your needs regarding safety, convenience, low budget, increased productivity and many more.


Innovation and state of the art technology embed the solutions; we are desperate for consistent improvement, adding more in to product line, and evolving as per consumers’ needs.

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