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Parking management systems improve the overall experience of the visitor by making it easy to find a parking space and also provide guidelines from entry to exit that make this tiresome process smooth and hassle free. The system consists of information of the vehicle owner and driver, real-time count of the vehicle present at any given time, parking assistance displays, easy payment options and video surveillance.

It includes parking planning, discussion of costs of parking areas and potential earning, depiction of précised parking management strategy and how to implement it, discussion of planning and problems related with modification, and how to develop an optimal parking management system

PARKnSECURE uses cutting edge technology to provide hassle free and effective parking management solutions that aim to deliver an intelligent system which not only optimize our customer's parking programs but also deliver convenient solutions for vehicle drivers. We have developed an integrated smart parking solution that has proven results in reducing costs and street congestion. “Our Parking Management System constitutes the access control system, revenue management, security system, and statistical information. Our innovative solution integrates video analytics as well as ANPR technology which empowers the automatic driving and improves parking efficiency.”

We are making your parking experience easy, simple and affordable. Whether it is a visitor stall or thousands garage stalls, we will make you able to manage and operate anything without enduring a high capital cost and complexity.

Benefits of Parking Management system

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Ultimate Technology

  • Ultimate solution is driving through ultimate technology to extract best out of available resources.

Simple, Versatile, Flexible and Efficient

  • Drive ease and convenience for users and authorities
  • Organizes parking system and makes it simple to manage, control and regulate
  • Customization of parking spaces is easy as per required attributes such as number of vehicles accessing the premises
  • Maintenance becomes more easy.
  • Prompt action is taken in to account in case of any fault or defect.

Cost Effective and Time Salvation

  • Let you manage parking system with low energy consumption and manual labor.
  • Integrated parking system cuts down traffic congestion and allows for smooth flow of traffic.
  • It strategically manages frequency inside a parking space.
  • Cost saving initiatives can be implemented as per the situation. Ventilation, lights and other electricity consuming applications can be turned off for closed level parking when not required

Security and Privacy

  • Vehicles are under supervision all the time using latest technical solutions that assures about privacy and security. It provides a safe haven for vehicles where they can lie for any period.
  • It impedes unauthorized entry and exit and can be implemented for multi entry and exit point as well

User Friendly and Easy to Integrate with Other System

  • Parking Management System implements integrated applications and software that can easily be clubbed with other applications without disrupting the existing system.
  • Open-end hardware application can also be integrated with which parking system can be adjusted based on the incoming or outgoing traffic at control points.
  • Parking Management System is very user friendly with integrated database, highest security and privacy for vehicles and highest level of communication.

Key Technologies

Supreme and trusted technology driving revolution in parking segment

Automated Access Control System

  • Access control system (such as automatic gates, ticketing system, etc.) automates the parking system and simultaneously boosts the security system.

Security Analysis

  • Modern concept of technologies such as RFID, Licence plate recognition system, advanced version of CCTV cameras and Under Vehicle scan system take the security approach to the next level.

Parking Management Software

  • Intelligent system software controls, connects and manages a number of technologies and equipments that are associated with parking management system. It is responsible for combining all the services and products described in an entire system..

Advanced Payment System

  • Don’t have change in pocket, don’t worry. Payment system becomes too easy and convenient. You can even use digital wallet, cards, cash and other convenient modes of payment.

Statistical Reporting Software

  • Analyze your progress, automatic generated reports (monthly, weekly, and yearly) helps you to find what you are doing wrong in the existing system and eliminate it in no time; eventually helping you in collection of improved ROI.

Real Time Vehicle Counting

  • You can easily access how many numbers of vehicles are present at your lot any time. Help you in managing the parking lot operation efficiently and prevents it from overloading.

Parking Guidance System

  • Parking guidance system consists of various technologies such as sensors, signage, LEDs, and many more. Parking lot can be managed and operated seamlessly with this advanced system without any human interruption and serves the most convenient way for finding a vacant space for parking.

ParknSecure Solutions

Single storey to multi storey, fully automatic to semi automatic; distinguish, customize and design what is right for you

With self ticketing solutions, manned managed parking spaces, ANPR system, barrier equipped system, partially automated as well as fully automated parking system; ParknSecure has appropriate solution for you.

Fully Automatic Parking System

  • Fully automatic parking system somehow looks like robotic valet parking. It refers to the attendants less parking areas where payment, entry and exit systems are automated by the means of state of the art technology

Contactless Parking System

  • RFID based parking management system is ideal for restricted areas where only authorized persons are allowed to access. System is embraced of RFID reader and RFID tag integrated with barrier gate.

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