At PARKnSECURE, advanced traffic managements system and solution is designed to monitor, control and to provide safety through and through on highways. We have keenly included a set of most advanced technologies to support situational awareness and to aid various safety measures by making the driver aware of the obstacles that might come on the road ahead.

Our advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS), helps in managing traffic, consists of cutting edge technology based roadside equipments to ensure smooth traffic flow along with timely and wisely reaction in any hazardous situation. This helps in proactively managing the transport network and enhancing the travel experience at the same time.

Automatic Traffic Management System

Featured Highlights of our ATMS Solution:

  • Boosts safety
  • Quick response against any incidents
  • Put limitation on traffic congestion and improve traffic flow
  • Slow down the rate of accidents
  • Improve visibility of incidents

Our ATMS Major Components:

Surveillance System

CCTV (Close Circuit television) Cameras are used as highway surveillance system. Cameras will have tilt, pan and zoom features to cover the entire length of highway. It will have a 360 degree horizontal movement and 90 degree vertical movement to cover every aspect on the road.

Command and Control Centre

The command and control center has a critical role in controlling and regulating the highway traffic thoroughly in all respect. You will be able to get information from each component that is installed across highways and thus helps in monitoring. With various message signs, it will be able to generate and also disseminate important information and thus facilitates intervention.

Advanced Traffic Counter and Classifier

Advanced traffic counter and classifier is specific to detect, find, count, and classify the vehicles which are passing through the point where it is installed. It counts the traffic flow in real time, detects congestion, classifies vehicles and measures their speed then after sends a report at a specific time interval.

Information generated by this system when displayed via VMS will be very helpful to the drivers to know the traffic status ahead in real time and enable them to take intelligent decisions on any hazardous situation. In fact, when it works simultaneously with LPR system then they can both function for managing levy system and monitoring of highway occurrence.

Emergency Call Box (ECB)

Emergency phones and call boxes are installed along the road to faster and improved communication and response to accidents and emergency situations. These are based on GSM or OFC. These phones are installed on either side of the road with connection to a control centre which is located in Maintenance and Operation base.

Variable Message Sign (VMS)

VMS, Variable message signs, are designed and implemented at necessary points at Highways in order to display requisite and necessary information to commuters to enhance their safety and travel experience. It could be of any size from smaller post-mounted signals which are available on the central reservation to mobile electronic message signs that will be displaying real-time traffic information in absence of any fixed signs and it will be also available in large signs on overhead gantries.

Mobile Radio Communication System (MRCS)

Mobile radio communication system abbreviated as MRCS mainly includes mobile radio base stations along with all handheld devices which will be useful for establishing verbal communications among concerned persons whenever they need. Mobile sets can also be mounted on patrolling cars and ambulances.

Meteorological Data System (MDS)

Meteorological center is helping driver by providing weather conditions while traveling. It informs them about any change or sudden change in weather. As it is completely electronically operable and has own source of power called rechargeable batteries, so provides complete and consistent information to the drivers.

Video Incident Detection Systems (VIDS)

VIDS aids entire traffic management system to detect any problems associated in network and solve it to ensure safety for drivers and commuters. It can automatically detect various kinds of incidents such as pedestrian, vehicles travelling on wrong side of the road, stationary vehicles on wrong side of the road or on the road.

Speed Enforcement

Speed enforcement cameras equipped with radars and video analytics can accurately detect and calculate the speed any vehicle and easily detect the over speeding vehicles along with its number plate.

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