Automatic Boom Barrier

Automatic Boom Barrier

Automatic Boom Barrier

Automatic boom barrier offers security at the exit and the entry points of industrial units, offices, corporate houses, residential areas, parking lots, toll tax plazas, etc. Successfully controls pedestrian and vehicle traffic, thence helps in achieving better security. A bar or pole is pivoted in order to restrict the unauthorized access of vehicles. Basically, its tip moves in vertical arc pattern to almost vertical position and boom gates are counter weighted for the easy movement of bar. Out of several technologies, electro-mechanical boom barrier is widely used because of its reliability without generation of heat and even operated in an intensive duty cycle.

PARKnSECURE , an ISO 9001-2015 certified company, is one of the rapid growing companies offering supreme quality barrier services in Gurgaon and PAN India befitted for home offices, schools, factories and others. We can develop a wide range of barrier enabled entry/exit system options according to the use of barriers, and as per customer’s requisite. It is comprised of a large team of skilled barrier and service providers and access control engineers who understand the customer requirements and deliver righteous, affordable and customized solutions.

Our Solution

PARKnSECURE , High performance Boom Barriers are suitable for any type of installation atmosphere. The wide range of lengths and accessories available ensures that all installation requirements are met. All models are equipped with a facility of manual operation in the event of power failure and battery back-up capability in selected models. Our barriers can be customized to be integrated with various access solutions and can also be integrated with fire alarm system in case of any emergency situation.

Benefits Of Automatic Boom Barriers:
  • Control, restrict and regulate access to the facility
  • Whether it is installed at your home or at your business premises, the pre-eminent benefit is the way it helps you to control, limit and regulate the accessing process of a facility. It ensures about the validated entry and exit at your facility. It also ensures that only one person or vehicle can leave or enter your facility at a time.

  • Optimize security measures at facility
  • It is ideally suitable to strengthen the security system at any premises. You can put a stop on the accessing of premises by vehicles at any point of time. Additionally, it can effectively be used to prevent the act of antisocial elements that may harm your property. You can be assured with the proper installation of automatic boom barrier that unauthorized person cannot get access to a property

  • Put a stop to parking abuse
  • It can be used to regulate all illegal parking and abuse of your parking space. People abuse parking spaces of businesses even when they have no intention of buying anything from them. They simply park their vehicles at the place and complete their chores and leave without paying any parking. You can prevent this abuse use of your parking lot by installing boom barriers. This will stop any unauthorized entry at your premises.

Key Features:
  • Available in multiple lengths.
  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • Compact design and highly reliable.
  • High strength.
  • Can be handled manually in case of power failure.

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We are the hub of high-quality service module based out of latest technology available in the niche. With our extensive product knowledge, we setup a high graded solution to satiate your needs regarding safety, convenience, low budget, increased productivity and many more.


Innovation and state of the art technology embed the solutions; we are desperate for consistent improvement, adding more in to product line, and evolving as per consumers’ needs.

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Quality assurance is the core of a trustworthy solution and that’s why we follow a rigorous process of testing, inspection, and compliance.


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