Access Control System

Physical access control system depicting the solutions for managing and restricting the entry or exit door of a premise. It is a matter of who is accessing your facility, when the facility is accessed and for how long it is accessed. Door, parking gate, turnstile, elevator or any other physical barriers can be equipped with the access control device.

Traditionally, it was versed with the key and lock, which is now being replaced with credentials and electronic devices. Advanced electronic access control system is solving the limitations of mechanical keys and locks.

The electronic access control system grants access based on the credential presented. Door will be unlocked for some predetermined fraction of time, when access is granted. Door will remain closed, when access is not granted. All of such action is recorded for monitoring purpose. It may generate an alarm if door is tried to be opened forcefully or it is kept open for a prolonged time.

Automatic number plate Recognisation

ParknSecure Access Control System and Solution

ParknSecure puts up the most sophisticated access control system which is extremely simple to implement in the existing system and hence maintenance. The safety and security measures at your workplace are crucial with respect to creating a reliable ambience for employees, partners and visitors. With our high graded Access Control system technology, you can have control over who is accessing your premises and for how much time or at what time it should be accessed. It also helps you to track movement of employees, visitors and other authorized persons.

ParknSecure access control systems are designed in such a way that access levels are defined for precise entry and exit with proper restrictions for unauthorized entry at restricted zones in the premises. These access control systems can easily be implemented in elevators in the office buildings for particular floor access. These can be easily integrated with third party revelator controllers for granting access to people to the particular floor.

With the implementation of RFID tags, fingerprint, facial detection technology based access control system, we are taking the security system to a new level by avoiding unauthorized access and thus prevent any incidents from taking place. ParknSecure renders a whole gamut of access control system for residential places, commercial places, Business workplaces, factories, IT Parks, Hospitals, Hotels, Laboratories and others.


  • Ensures about security of premises, personnel, assets and data.
  • Highest level of staff control.
  • Limiting the unauthorized access of sensitive areas.
  • Management and regulation of on-site parking areas.
  • Monitoring of number of staffs at any point of time in premises.
  • In case of emergency, easy to initiate effective evacuation process.
  • Easy to monitor the entire security system like who is accessing your premises.
  • Easily integrated with existing system for high level of security system.

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