Under Vehicle Scanning System

Modern aged UVSS system incorporates of high graded camera that captures the images underside of a vehicle. The captured images can be inspected by security authorized person or the process can also be triggered with third party control security system.

Vehicle inspection is a necessary and critical point of security system which cannot be ignored. Potentially harmful items can easily be carried or hidden underside of a vehicle. To avoid intrusive and interruptive method to inspect each and every vehicle, Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS) is ready to bring efficiency in the system.

As the threat of terrorism, crime, theft, and vandalism are continuously increasing, security measures are becoming more and more intelligent and accurate to deliver the most efficient and secure solutions. New UVSS can deliver more accurate and reliable undercarriage inspection as compared to a normal inspection that too from a safe distance.


Through its high standard Under Vehicle Scanners, PARKnSECURE provides the perfect solution to scan, inspect, and digitally record the underside of vehicles. PARKnSECUREís Under Vehicle Scanner, enables security staff to perform high quality and highly efficient inspection against explosives, weapons, narcotics, and other contraband hidden under vehicles. Our Under Vehicle Surveillance technology is proven and has been successfully installed at a wide range of satisfied customers from many governmental and private organizations all over the world, where high-security measures are simply a must.

Our latest technology based digital cameras have the characteristics to produce the color image of the view with zero distortion. The entire process is characterized with the accuracy in threat detection, time saving, encourages resource planning and serves advanced level of security measure.

The solution is designed and tested to withstand the most harsh conditions, extreme temperatures and uneven terrains. The cameras come in a protective cover that can withstand extreme weather changes.

Key Features:

  • Indifferent to acceleration speed and direct sunlight.
  • Scans vehicles of any categories and sizes.
  • Scans all moving vehicles and provide high quality images in real time.
  • Provides images in high resolution.
  • Compare the images with the archived same vehicle.
  • High graded software responsible for user-friendly interaction.
  • Easy to be networked with the centralized database or management system.
  • Strengthen and automate the security system.
  • Quickly detect any foreign and suspicious items.
  • Can scan number of vehicles quickly without stopping any vehicles even in peak hours.
  • Easy to integrate with biometric systems, weigh-in-motion scales, facial recognition, RFID Identifier, License Plate reader, barriers, Smart card reader, and other access control point technologies.

Technology Used

Sensor Unit

The sensing unit is used for detecting vehicles so that light utilization can be enabled during detection of vehicles.

Lightning Unit

This unit is mainly used for optimizing the performance of cameras while capturing images. Illuminations of LEDís or halogens help cameras to take images of good quality even in darkness.

Scanning Unit

Scanning unit is comprised of digital camera responsible to capture images of underside of the moving vehicles withal minute visible details and structure. It also records video of the moving vehicle underside.

Imaging Unit

High speed digital color camera, sensors and LED based lightings is implemented in Imaging Unit to give the perfect quality images of underside of scanned vehicles.

Processing Unit

Processing unit is the main unit of the entire system. All inputs from cameras and sensors are transmitted to it.

The main function of a processing unit is to detect harmful and unwanted objects like explosives and drugs in the captured image of the vehicles.

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